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About In Vision Concept Cards

In Vision Concept Cards were developed by psychotherapist and eating disorder specialist Suzanne Ricklin, LCSW-C, BCD, CEDS. The front of each 8½” x 8½” flashcard is beautifully illustrated with a theme or concept to be displayed as the topic is presented and explored. Each card back contains easy to follow guidelines for professionals and educators that outline the Objectives, Approach and Outcomes for that card. The flashcards are appropriate for children (ages 9-12), adolescents and adults and are tailored to appeal to males and females alike.

Conceived in the Classroom…
A former elementary school teacher, Suzanne recognized early on the benefits of using flashcards as a tool to present and review new information. She found them to be not only effective in engaging students and capturing their attention, but that the visual element made a clear difference in a student’s ability to understand and retain information.

…Created for a Therapeutic Setting
Later, as a psychotherapist specializing in treating Eating Disorders, Suzanne applied what she learned as a teacher and experimented with adding a visual element to her practice. She originally created the flashcards by hand, one by one using a variety of influences including books, workshops, professional development, her clients, and her own personal observations.

For 25 years Suzanne has used this flashcards technique in her practice to help individuals and families strengthen life skills, foster thought provoking discussions and initiate opportunities for addressing and revisiting specific topics, emotions and complex issues. Her clients enjoy working with the cards and love their visual boldness and the added vitality they bring to a conversation.