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In Vision Concept Cards: Core Set, Volume 1: $38 per set  
The first in a series of Core and Specialty Sets, Core Set - Volume 1 features a diverse sampling of what Suzanne has identified as key, fundamental life skills, concepts and themes. Universal, flexible, and memorable, this set of 24 cards can be used to help improve problem-solving and decision making skills (Think Twice, Act Once, Cost Benefit Analysis), enhance communication skills (Know Your Audience, Actor, Director & Producer), modify non-constructive behavior patterns (Black & White Thinking), strengthen resilience (Find Your Spinach), and much, much more. Appropriate for children ages 9-12, adolescents and adults, Core Set – Volume1 is ideal for counseling individuals, couples, families or groups in a variety of settings.

Set Includes:

  • What Is Normal?
  • Where Do I Begin?
  • Put This On A Scale
  • Resilience
  • Black & White Thinking
  • I Can’t, I Must, I Should
  • Roadblocks
  • Trying vs. Doing
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • And Then More Practice
  • Achilles Heel
  • Delaying Gratification
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Know Your Audience
  • Process vs. Content
  • Sitting On The Fence
  • Actor, Director & Producer
  • Think Twice, Act Once
  • Think Twice, Say Once
  • Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Find Your Spinach
  • Time For Yourself